Little Lace Dress

Dress: Made by me
Jacket. Zara
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Bag: Springfield

I have finally finished my lace dress, and I’m really pleased. ( Post about making dress )The material is some old curtain.
Over a month I have been watching this house. It’s a perfect location for
picturing this dress. And I always have pictures in my head , but I can not picture myself so I torture my hubby. He must be my photographer and he must convert my ideas in these pictures . That’s really difficult but I think he is successful in his assignment. And I’m very pleased with these pictures 😀 So big thanks to him!

Till next time! 🙂 Have nice weekend!



  1. Toliko si predivn u ovoj kombinaciji da ne znam šta drugo mogu reći! 🙂 <3
    Awesome! Love it! 🙂

  2. Oooh I love the lace with the floral headband! And gorgeous dress! 🙂

  3. Sama si je napravila :O
    Savršena je! Moram i ja potražiti neku staru zavjesu i smućkati haljinu. Podstava je obična bijela, kupljena u radnji s materijalima?

    • Hvala . ma za postavu mozes bilo sta staviti, ja sam stavila neki ´´nude´´ rastezljivi materijal. a ako zelis d ati je ugodno na tijelu preporucila bi neki pamuk umjesto podstave. Pozz

  4. Lovely mix 🙂
    Love your shoes!

    With love,Mia

  5. You are so talented…the lace dress looks so dreamy on you, fits you so well too!:)

    And perfect backdrop for the shoot!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  6. Great outfit , and good photos 🙂
    You have great dress !

  7. beautiful outfit, you look really pretty! 🙂


  8. Hey there!! What a nature and lovely place, i mean where you had make you shooting!!
    Love your JEFFREY!!! Following you now… <3
    kisses from

  9. Divan ti je blog!!!
    Jako mi se dopada tvoj stil 😉

  10. Wow! You're an artist! The dress is so gorgeous!
    You're right, that location is perfect for those pics 🙂

  11. Thanks ! I love your dress ! This photographies are so beautiful ! Love it.:)

  12. That dress is so beautiful! I can't believe that you made it- you are so talented!
    Would love for you to visit my blog sometime!

  13. These photos & this outfit are incredibly beautiful – I really really adore everything about this! You have such talent, that dress is stunning, & you've styled it in such a great way 🙂

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  14. I love how you combined girly and fierce looks together.
    Good job doll!

    <3 Una

  15. So so beautiful !!! This dress is perfect ! elegant, pure & poetic, feminine … I love it !
    (it's my boyfriend who is my photographer too, LOL, and sometimes it's torture for him too ! hahahaha)

  16. Ti si napravila haljinu?!Bravo!!Predivne slike,lokacija je kao stvorena za outfit!

  17. Vintage goodness! Love <3

  18. wow!!!^^
    i love the dress with the floral print 😉


  19. Love these pictures! You look so cute!

  20. que hermoso vestido!

  21. You look adorable!

  22. I´m in love with your dress, is amazing, nice look!

  23. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by…I am gushing over this look, Love it from head-to-toe, all around gorgeousness!

  24. I absoloutely love the photos 🙂 the dress is lovely 🙂

  25. Your pictures are really amazing and so is the outfit! Ixx

  26. This outfit is so lovely !



    Elegantesque Blog

  27. beautiful dress girlie, congrats! x

  28. Really love all the photos! You looks so vintage cute and stunning <3
    Following you now, mid to follow back? <3 Kisses

  29. You're gorgeous! Love this outfit! Lace and brown colour <3


  30. very cute dress.. and definitely, the pictures are really great.. that house seems magical, like from some story… cool photos… and I'm also dying for those shoes!
    take care!

  31. Fabulous dress so cute and girly. Your husband did a great job with the photos. I have to get my husband to take my photos too and he hates it. He has zero creativity and we always end up having a massive argument so I look angry in every single photo!!

  32. Really lovely lace dress 🙂

  33. Waou, simply perfect and charming!!


  34. Haljinica je odlicno ispala i predivno ti stoji!!!!<3<3<3

  35. I love this shoes :). You're so sweet and beautiful:')

  36. Such a cuuuute dress! And you look adorable. X

  37. adore your style!lovely dress!
    follow you!if you want check out my blog!

  38. Love your outfit! I am following you, hope you wanna following me back 🙂

    xoxo, dwitafirina

  39. love it! ja bi mozda bez carapa ali inace <3

  40. this dress looks ravishing, you're so talented! love your hair too ♥

  41. I'm loving the white dress!It's gorgeous!

  42. Hubby did a great job taking these photos 🙂 So magical!

  43. What a cute dress! The sleeves look perfect! 🙂

  44. Ich bin gerade verwirrt – ist es jetzt richtig, dass ich deutsch antworte? Wenn nein: SORRY!

    Auf jeden Fall ein ganz bezauberndes Outfit! Das Kleid ist super schön. Und vieeelen lieben Dank für deinen schönen Kommentar, habe mich sehr gefreut!

  45. Magnifique robe! Love, love, love it!

  46. super cute. super chic :)love!

  47. oh, this wonderful dress once again! marvelous look!!!

    Greetings from Berlin

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