Blue Day

Coat: ASOS / here
Shoes: Deichmann
Hat: H&M

Like you see those photos are before snow! Now is outside frizing. But it will be perfect weather for this coat! Do you like it?

Till next time!


  1. apsolutno si prekrasna! kaputić je divan <3

  2. great pics 🙂
    lovely outfit

  3. predivno, dugo nisam vidjela ljepsi post 🙂


  4. I adore these photos!! 🙂


  5. savršeno, kako mi je samo drago što sam pronašla tvoj blog…pratim od sad divna si ;**

  6. Vidjela sam tvoju sliku na nekom forumu, odmah sam link trazil. Ovo je S A V R S E N O. Sve je na tebi predivno, bas ono sto volim i obozavam…

  7. Wow! Amaing outfit and amazing pics!!

  8. Sjajna kombinacija! Kaputić je divan! <3 LOVE IT!

  9. gorgeous coat! it looks so much like a dress! beautiful!

    – Anna

  10. i love the warm sunlight streaming through in these photos, it looks lovely.


  11. Yes, I like your blue coat. tallish especially matched with your brown shoes. I like your bag too. It is cold too here in Canada. Have a good day!

  12. beautiful photos, love the blue coat.

    xo erica

  13. Your coat is so beautiful! And I love the light in these photos.

    S., The Hearabouts

  14. AMAZING PICS:) and you look fab.

    Come back visit me soon..I have some more swedish decor inspiration for you:)

    have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at

  15. Presladak kaputic,bas si retro lady!;)

  16. bas retro!! divne slike! 🙂

  17. Yes, I love your coat ! (and also your shoes, your bag…)
    Kiss from Paris
    Trip in my dressing

  18. thank you for your comment :* I really love your Blog and i love to follow you :* Now its your turn 😀

  19. Matea, that coat is awesome! You look spectacular and the photos are superb, as usual!

  20. Treća slika, prvo iz nekog magazina od pre koju deceniju <3

  21. Thanks for yo comment sweetie 🙂 I follow you now 🙂 I hope you do the same 😉


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  23. I think the link of the article didn't work, well it is my last article on the blog anyway !

  24. Hi 🙂 i'm following you back 🙂
    Thanks for visiting our blog

  25. great photos & coat! love your vintage styling <333


  26. LOVE your coat and shoes, you look great!


  27. Beautiful! Love your coat <3

  28. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar :* Folge dir schon :*

  29. Great outfit! In love with the coat and hat! <3

    My Digital Diaries

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