Musée du Louvre





 ( everybody looking in Mona Lisa )
Museum Louvre
Hellou my dear readers! I’m back from my trip to Paris.This is just a quick post with some photos. I have still to organize my photos. Then I will put them in other posts. It was very cold so that effected my wardrobe to a certain degree..We spend whole days on our feets so high heels were out of question. Paris is really great town. More pictures soon!
 Have a great day! Till next time!


  1. Prelepe slike..predivan Pariz i divna ti :))

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. 🙂

    These pictures are beautiful and I love
    your outfit. Your shoes are so cute and
    I really your lace top. 😉

  3. you alaways have the best place to taking photos 🙂 aw you look amazing !

  4. predivno, bas ti zavidim 🙂

  5. Great photos! I'm so glad you have a wonderful time and that you are back safe! <3 I always love those brown shoes! They're so great! 😀 I love how you wore a lace top underneath your high-low sweater. Great layering!

    – Anna

  6. Divno, divno, divno :)))

  7. ^^ Fantazija!
    Vidim, bijelo je već na tebi 😛 Super ti je ta kombinacija čipke i vune <3

  8. I like it! This shoes are amazing!
    Best wishes

  9. Very nice photos of the Louvre. I enjoyed the Louvre when we visited. I am glad you enjoyed it despite the weather.

  10. divota. nadam se da cu ga i ja skoro posjetiti… sanjam o njemu vec godinama… prekjut si mi kao i uvijek. lajkam trapke puno <3

  11. Odlicne su ti slike 🙂 Bas posebne 🙂

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