I´m packing my suitcase…

I participate in blog contest where I
need to tell what I will take with me on my vacation. I can choose only
5 things.  You can participate to, if you are from Europa ( link is here )
I´m packing my suitcase and I will take shorts, sandals, blouse, little bag and swimsuit with me 🙂



  1. I think this is super cute! The colors are perfect for summer. 😀 I especially like the polka dot backpack and the wedges! <3

    – Anna


  2. Your five selections are stylish and smart choices. We have to learn to travel lit. I hope you will win it!

  3. Super kombinacija! Idem i ja složiti svoju 😛


  4. kupaci savrsen. Ciji je?

  5. savršen je mali ruksak <3

  6. I wouldn't travel with wedges, I think it would be better with chucks 😉
    Great selection, otherwise. Love the backpack and top of the swimsuit.

    Giveway on my blog is ending in few hours so act quick 😉

  7. Cute backpack, love it:)

  8. Fantastic post dear, would definitely pack all of the gorgeous pieces you chose! ^^ Best of luck in the competition! <33

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  9. Odlično. Sviđaju mi se ovakvi postovi..

  10. ajme <3 torbica i badić su mljac!

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