Summer wishlist


  1. uh..kupaći je prekrasan, a bome i meni bi dobro došao neki šeširić za po gradu! 😀

  2. Ovaj zadnji popis <3 <3

  3. Oh my wow, can I have EVERYTHING here pretty please?! Such brilliant items and outfits hun, really love your wonderful style! <333 Perfect summer wishlist, thank you for the inspiration! <333

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  4. I absolutely love the pink dress, and the black sandals of the last outfit.

    I would love if you followed me on blogloving, if you haven't already.


  5. love the cat ballerinas

  6. love the hat from the 1st look and the shades from the 2nd 🙂

  7. Those cat flats are so cute. I would love to visit Vienna one day. Thank you for the invitation to meet you for coffee over there. That would be fun.

  8. I love those cat loafers a lot!
    Love, Anna

  9. lijepa lista, savršen kupaći, a izgleda da si našla i ljetni šešir po svom guštu:)

  10. jao prekjut stvarčice. ove lubenica hlačice su zakon 🙂

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