Komm in mein Boot….




Dress: Self made
Shoes: Zara

I saw some similar dress on the Internet and I wanted to make something similar. Since I’m not a professional tailor, I had to create that pattern from different patterns I already had. I like how it looks now! That lovely fabric I’ve found in Paris and I like it very much. I think, this will be my favorite dress for this summer.

Have a great week! Till next time!
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  1. vintage queen and pin up dream:)

    Savršena ti je ova haljina i savršeno ti stoji. Stvarno sam oduševljena:)

    Moram i ja uzeti mašinu za šivanje u ruke.


  2. Wow just found your blog off BurdaStyle. This dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Well done to create this from a number of patterns its just adorable!

  3. Haljina je odlicno ispala!

  4. Ženo, ti si predivna. Haljina je savršena <3

  5. Bas je zanimljiva. I cini mi se da je nije bilo jednostavno sasiti,svaka cast!

  6. Jako mi se svidja, savrsena!

  7. You look beautiful, I like your dress! 🙂

  8. Haljina je san snova i stoji ti kao salivena ! Svaka cast na kreativnosti! Predivna si mi u ovoj kombinaciji!

  9. Preslatka je haljinica, svaka ti čast!! :))

  10. wow, prekrasno, svaka čast 😀

  11. I remember this from Instagram! You went with the red buttons! Good choice! :DDD This dress is beyond amazing and you MADE it! My goodness. You look stunning! I love the mix in colors and patterns. The sailboat print is just too cute! <3

    – Anna


  12. Ma ti si to super napravila, bravo!

  13. Such a cute outfit! Love it! And I always love trainstation- shootings 🙂


  14. My God! This dress looks great! Wow, you did it!! Magnificent!

  15. That dress is incredible. You are very talented.

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    My Etsy Vintage Shop

  16. Stijl van de dame is inspirerend.

  17. divno! super ti je haljina!!

  18. you look unique baby
    i love you're personality always



  19. I just can't get over how amazing is your style <3 This dress is amazing, just perfect. & you are so skinny ! ;o


  20. Your outfit is adorable!!

  21. So so pretty. You did such an amazing job with this dress + you look gorgeous!

  22. o da. to je to. divota jedna. predivna je!! znala sam da ce od onih materijala nastati nesto predivno 🙂

  23. Fabulous dress ! It it perfect on you 🙂

  24. Love your dress with the sailor and hearts design. The colour combination is amazing too. Enjoy the summer.

  25. Wonderful dress, maybe you're not a tailor but your are a very good creator ! Moreover I love your hairstyle but I'm still trying to do the same but without any result… Maybe you could post a "how to do" one day…
    Kiss from Paris
    Charlotte from Trip in my dressing

  26. You look…….very lovely,beautiful….wow !!!

  27. i love this look! your hair and make up and the pencil dress are so 50s, right my up alley! 🙂

    little henry lee

  28. I love your outfit. Well done

  29. This dress is breathtakingly fabulous!

    I found your blog through Adventuras de Costuras and I'm so glad!

  30. This is beyond gorgeous – I absolutely love it!! Great job 🙂

    That's Sew Amy

  31. Is it alright for me to share your creations on SSB linking and letting you know when?

  32. Oh that's fab. Yes I do it for the purpose of linking. Only just seen this so may have asked you on another post, so just ignore.

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