Little wish list

setTimeout(function() {var transport = new easyXDM.Socket({remote:”|Heart+in+the+Clouds|68970″,container: document.getElementById(“rs-shopping-widget-68970”),swf: “”,onMessage: function(message, origin) {this.container.getElementsByTagName(“iframe”)[0].style.width = “100%”;this.container.getElementsByTagName(“iframe”)[0].style.height = message + “px”;var d = parent.document.getElementById(“rs-shopping-widget-68970”);var d_nested = document.getElementById(“rs-intro-loader”);if (d_nested) {var throwawayNode = d.removeChild(d_nested)};}});}, 1000);

So many pretty things! Have a great week! Till next time!


  1. Oh, indeed my dear, all gorgeous, I've had those awesome boots in my Asos wishlist since forever hehe! Wonderful post as always!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. I ja bi sve ovo, savršena lista 🙂

  3. Mmmm the Naked palettes. I have the Basics one but I want the mega!

    xo Ashley

  4. That heart-printed sweater is awesome ♥

  5. Predobra wish list, hocu tu naked palette kao i ove Asos cipele! 🙁

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