Headphones: Def Shop
Pulli:  H&M
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Zalando
Over the weekend I was in my hometown Ogulin. There was really a winter weather. As you can see on the photos everything was frozen and covered with ice. The freezing rain transformed everything in ice. Because of that, we have been without electricity and without the Internet for a whole day 😀
This look was my travel outfit. I like to be dressed warm and cozy. And travel is more pleasnt with a MP3 player. This headset is from Def-shop and I choosed that color combination because it is a little bit retro and more fun than black. I also love that big headset because it is really comfortable and you can wear them for hours.
Have a great week! Till next time!



  1. Jako slatko, totalno u sneznom zimskom fazonu!:)

  2. lijepo i ledeno :)) i cool

  3. Your outfit really pops against the backdrop – you look so winter chic!
    The skirt is so pretty and I love that it matches your headphones :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. So cute with the skirt and headphones, loving these pics 🙂

  5. Odlične fotke! Jako mi se sviđa kako se kombinacija uklopila sa prirodom ^^

  6. Aj pa i ti imas tu torbu 😀
    Divno je bas. Zimski 🙂 :*

  7. This is so quirky and colorful! Love love love! <3

    – Anna


  8. koje predivna suknjica:) jako mi se sviđa ova kombinacija, a slušalice su se baš odlično uklopile!

  9. What an amazing sweater and pictures!


  10. This looks one of the most stylish headphone. At what price i can get it. I am using headphone and this seems to be highly compatible with all mobile and ipod.

  11. Das ist ein richtiger Bilderbuch Winter Look. Da kriegt man sofort wieder Lust auf Glühwein und Kamin.
    Wahnsinn was für tolle Augen du hast!

  12. crveno + bijelo. savrseno. outfit. pozadina. slusalice su mrak. mljac sve skupa

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