Eyelash extensions

Today I want to share with you my experience with eyelash extensions. When I first saw them I did not like them. Later however I saw them on my friend and since then I started to like them.I wanted to have them too, but the price was the major problem.A new set of lashes costs here about 120€ to 180€.The price depends on the material used for the lashes. One can use a natural or a synthetic source. In Croatia the price for synthetic lashes is between 40€ and 50€. So I searched for something similar in Vienna and I’ve found one studio where a new set costs 69€. They can be refilled after two to three weeks. In theorie you can have them 5 weeks.I took these pictures on 31 of July when I put them on. Today is the 13th day and I don’t have them anymore. After 7 days they started to fall out slowly but somehow my hands plucked my eyelashes unconsciously and that made them fall out faster. So I admit it’s my fault…
It was hard to wash my face with water and you must remove the make up with oil free make up remover. As you can see they were really beautiful.
At the end my short summary about them: they are beautiful but expensive. If you want to have them all the time you must refill them every 3 weeks and every refill costs about 50€.. Also if you have sensitive eyes and the habit to pluck your eyelashes they will fall out quickly.
                                                             What do you think about them?



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  1. lijepo,nema šta

  2. I have put them once and removed them in 24 hours cause my eyes have been irritated. For the whole day I had terrible feeling of pricking and itching. And I hated the process of putting them on. I would never do it again!!!

  3. Jaako su lepe. Bas deluju prirodno. Kod nas je to malko jeftinije. Odustala sam od stavljanja vestaka, iz istih razloga 😀

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