Pants: Zara; Backpack: Primark; Pulli: Forever 21
These photos are really out of my comfort zone. Why? Because I wear very little make up and I tought not to put them on the blog. We are all surrounded with beauty ideals and, wanted or not, they effect us. I always felt like an average girl and because of that I always wear make up. And I totally feel uncomfy without it. It’s really important to accept yourself as you are. Back to outfit…My mom and I found this backpack in Primark and when she was here we shared it together. A backpack is very practical and cute. What do you say for these outfits?
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      Have a great week! Till next time!



  1. Ich finde du siehst auch ohne Make Up super aus! Bei den Bildern gibt es nichts wofür man sich schämen sollte – im Gegenteil, sie sind super schön!

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