Into the Wild





And last photo just for fun!
Jumpsuit: Springfield; Shoes: Boohoo;
After seeing the movie “Into The Wild” I thought this cap/hat is very appropriate for this outfit. I imagined myself in the mountains with this stylish outfit. (Of course its to cold for something like this).That movie is already old but to be honest I watched maybe just 10 movies in 4 years. Day has only 24 hours and 8 hours of that is used only for sleeping so I can function at all. Then work awaits me and the rest is used for Internet, sewing, friends or painting, beside of that I dont have TV. I wished the day would last a little longer! And I wished that I could be alone in the mountains for some time just to clear my mind. Maybe I will do this even this year, because I feel that I need it.
      Have a great week! Till next time!


  1. Girl, you are tooooo cool 😀
    Your style is just amaziiiiiin!! U love it 🙂

  2. nisam još pogledala taj film, baš ću pogledati! 🙂 slažem se s tobom, dan stvarno prekratko traje, posebice kad se radi..ja još relativno uživam dok studiram i imam vremena za pokoji film 🙂 super ti je outfit, kapica i čizmice su predobri!

  3. Kombinezon, šubara, cipele, originalno i savršeno od glave do pete! Baš mi se sve sviđa!

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