Long skirt




Skirt: made by me
Blouse: vintage
Jacke: Tera Nova ( old )
Bag: Springfield
Flats: Pimkie (old)
Here it is finally warm and sunny, what a great
weather! We have no sea here but we have a famous river called Donau.
Maybe I will go there on sunday.
I made
this shirt and now the time has come to wear it. Tomorrow I will find a
perfect pair of flat shoes if possible. Sandals are also on my list for
the future. What are you going to do this weekend?
 Till next time! <3


  1. cute look!…i wish i could wear flats with a maxi skirt, but i'm too short to do that.

  2. Delicious outfit, i love so much the shoes!!


  3. krasno i romantično 🙂

  4. U, odlično mi je ovo, teksas jakna se savršeno uklopila.

  5. thats a beautiful long skirt there =) so delicate and pretty !

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  6. Great skirt! It looks so dreamy

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  7. wow great outfit love the skirt! You really made that yourself? Did you learn that or is it just your hobby? looks great!!




  8. Thank you for your lovely comment – I'm one of your new followers, would be great to follow each other!



  9. Great outfit, I like your skirt very much!
    Nice blog, following you 🙂

  10. I really like this outfit! The denim jacket really looks great!

    xo Jennifer


  11. la falda es una preciosidad, y como la has combinado!

  12. Oh my goodness hun, this is such a demure outfit on you which I absolutely adore ^_^ You looks so refined and beautiful here =) As for the weekend, unfortunately it has been filled with work and getting errands (like blogging) done =( Hope yours was more eventful hehe

    Eeli xx

  13. That long skirt is really lovely 🙂

  14. Hello! I just came across your wonderful blog and was wondering if we could follow each other? Take care. 🙂

    Kristina ([email protected])

  15. sooo beautiful, i love the skirt 🙂


  16. I like it 🙂
    Perfect for spring!

  17. Beautiful outfit!! *

  18. I love this pictures , You look gorgeous !

  19. the skirt you made is beautiful!

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! 🙂

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  20. the cutest outfit ever, and the prettiest skirt + shoes!! love it!! 🙂
    Oh and im so jealous of your weather!!!


  21. Great look 🙂

  22. What a cute skirt! I love it <3

  23. omg that skirt is stunning <3

  24. predivna suknja. baš sam u potrazi za jednom lijepom, koja će odlično doći sad preko ljetnih i vrućih dana! 😉

  25. beauty skirt and shoes!

  26. I am in love with your outfit!

    amazing denim top!

    WOw you r so talented! 🙂

    <3 Una

  27. Your outfit is so beautiful! I love your skirt!

  28. wow- i love this skirt. looks so nice.
    great look.
    wish you a wonderful day.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

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  29. These are incredible photos! Seriously, the location and outfit suit you so well 🙂

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  30. Wow amazing skirt, looks great.

    Ina :*

  31. Honey, I adore your blog! And those shoes are so pretty and cute, i want to look at them forever!

    Amazing style:)

    I am following you…Check out my blog at and follow if you like!

    Love, Shubhi!

  32. Love love love this look! I really like your jacket and skirt! I can't believe you made it! Nice job!


  33. Your skirt is so nice, congratulations this look is amazing !
    Kiss from Paris
    Trip in my dressing

  34. ajme ovaj outfit ti je predivan. tako chic i romantican, predobro. divna boja suknje…

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  36. A big thanks for the efforts you have put into writing this blog spot. Greetings from Rajrang!

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