Keep it Simple

Clutch & Ring: VJ style
Sunnies H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Mango
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Zara ( posted here )

Ok, I look a little bit too serious on those photos, but you will
forgive me for that! The dress is one of my sales purchases, but I was
not satisfied with the length. So I have added this nude part, and now i
have unique dress. The second problem was to find a perfect matching
bag. Finally I have found it on Vj style.
It is a really great clutch because it is small but it has also plenty of place for other stuff.  

Thank you for reading! Till next time! <3


  1. So wonderful! I love your hair and the dress is simply amazing 🙂


  2. Amazing look. The dress is so classy and I like this pochette and sunglass!


  3. Great look; the chain necklace adds a nice touch of edge.

  4. Beautiful!
    I'm your new follower. 🙂

  5. genijalna si ko i vuijek, izgledaš kao iz nekog francuskog art filma! divota!

  6. Great pictures. I love your outfit.


  7. love this simple look:)))

    Kisses from United Kingdom Of Fashion ♥♥♥

  8. Super haljina 🙂
    Pratim takodje 🙂

  9. predobro!!!!!a te cipele su sledece na redu da dodju u nas orman samo ako stigne broj!!!!:)))
    jako mi se svidja cela kombinacija!!!:))
    p.s. pratimo i mi tebe!!!

  10. Haljina je divna 🙂
    Odlicne fotke.

  11. Izgledaš savršeno, sve ti ovo mnogo dobro stoji a poslednja, crno bela fotka je <3

  12. The accessories transform simple outfits!

  13. oh hvala za ovaj komliment! 🙂

  14. you look amazing,
    love your necklace,


  15. Very serious haha! And beautiful too 🙂

  16. You look stunning! Following you back dear.
    Hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  17. Lep autfit, dobro si sredila haljinu. I sper fotke, kao i obicno 🙂

  18. Unique hairstyle!
    love what you did to the dress:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  19. Tebi bas odgovara slikanje na ovim starim stanicama,totalno u tvom fazonu;)

  20. Nice look, so chic! And I love your photos so much!
    I was wondering if you would like to enter the competition to become the Fashion Muse on my online fashion magazine, it means that you will have your outfits published there!….write an e-mail at [email protected] to learn more!
    I'm your newest follower now, and I hope you will visit my blog too and let me know your opinion…maybe you could follow me back if you like it!

  21. wow your blog is so gorgeous- the photos are so dreamy& timeless:)

  22. cute!
    I'm still obsessed over that necklace you mentioned in earlier posts.. looks fab with that dress

  23. Svidja mi se ova crvena haljinica 😉

    P.S. Ma meni se cini da si probala totalno krive parfeme 🙂 Marc Jacobs uopce nema dobre parfeme, kao ni D&G osim nekih…a Chanel 5 je tvoj stil, ali je jos uvijek iz nekog drugog vremena. Bez brige, ima parfema koji bi se se pojili s tvojom kozom! 😉


  24. u look so classy and ladylike here. love ur shades too !

  25. fora kombinacija, super fotke!

  26. Your dress is beautyfull, and your shoes are perfect! Waouhhhh!

  27. You look classy and so beautiful! Love that outfit 🙂

  28. predivna si. sve mi se sviđa od glave do pete. ali naravno, cipelice su naj naj <3 🙂

  29. predivno. elegancija i chic na djelu. jednostavno a tako upecatljivo. lajkam sve u 16! :):):)

  30. Sandale su bozanstvene a haljina ti divno stoji!! Damica!;)

  31. I relish how your words authentically reflects your unique personality. It makes me feel connected to you.

  32. Your dedication and passion shine through in every section. It’s truly inspiring.

  33. Your article is an eye-opening read. We didn’t realize of that before. Thanks for enlightening us.

  34. Your passion is infectious. It’s hard not to be excited about the subjects you discuss.

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