Boots: Choies ( look like Givenchy boots )
           Blouse: Romwe
          Hat: H&M
       Skirt: Made by my granny
I realized that i don’t have any winter boots! But which one to buy? I
didn’t like any boots which are available at the store at the moment, so
I start to look out a bit on the internet. And I have found some really
amazing boots. I was lucky because now these boots are on sale. The
boots arrived yesterday and I like them so much! So I took some photos
by myself just to show you the boots! And this skirt is made by my
granny while she was visiting me. She can’t be without a sewing machine! Thank you granny!


Till next time! Have great day!


  1. joj kako si slatka :)) čizme su predivne i ta košuljica u kombinaciji sa suknjicom odlično :*

  2. I love that skirt! And the boots are really cool too!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Super si fotografije, da nisi napisala, ne bih rekla da si se sama slikala:)
    Suknja je mnogo dobra i oslicno si je ukombinovala sa ostatko,.

  4. Nice outfit! x

  5. predivna si, suknja i cizme su me odusevile! pratim!

  6. lijepe su ćizme, ali moram reći da je prva stvar koju sam primjetila suknja, stvarno je nešto posebno, zahvali baki:)

  7. Your granny is a great seamstress to make such an awesome skirt!

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  10. The boots look amazing and exactly like the Givenchy pair, this is such a charming outfit, beautifully worn and styled with panache

  11. Great pictures! 🙂 The blouse is classy! And congrats for the boots. 😉

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  13. Making a tattoo its awesome! you should have one ^_^*

  14. I know I always say the same thing, but it´s true everytime: Awesome photos!
    Merry Christmas!

  15. Im in love with this outfit, great 🙂
    im following you now on gfc, hope you will follow me back <3

  16. wow wow wow you look absolutely amazing! loveee your skirt and such a beautiful necklace 😀

  17. oh my, this whole outfit is just so wonderful! i adore the color of the skirt, the boots, and the collar piece.

    lindsey louise

  18. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I am already your faithful follower on bloglovin and GFC, hope you can follow back =)

  19. immaculate. love those boots and the pleated skirt. cobalt and black work so well together. the first time i realized this was very exciting. 🙂

    well done!

    – Anna

  20. Love your skirt 🙂

  21. I want those boots too!:) Wish you a lovely weekend my dear!
    P.S. Would you like to follow each other via BLOGLOVIN?

  22. you look great! 🙂
    Would you like to follow each other?

  23. Pretty !!!

    Have a nice day ;))

  24. skirt and shirt are amazing!!

  25. Yes of course we can follow each other !
    I'm following you now, I wait the same in back 😉

  26. I love the collar and skirt! So cool! Happy Holidays! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  27. Another great post! Love it, it's pure ART! :)))

    Johanna, Sweden

  28. this photo set it amazing.
    you're gorgeous!

  29. Čizme su super, ali mene je suknja začarala. prekrasna je <3

  30. Great outfit!, i love the skirt!
    Merry Christmas!

  31. i love the over all outfit, nice boots and collar necklace.

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  32. Great outfit! I never liked these boots but I must admit that they look pretty cool on you 😀

  33. Ja stvarno više ne znam šta da kažem a da se ne ponavljam, ali ja se zaista, iskreno, svakog puta oduševim 🙂

  34. Omg .. I'm really obsessed with the Givwnchy boots .. didn't know about this ones from Choies .. I'll definitely check the choies website .. thank you so much =D

    I'm already following you .. I hope you'll do the same =)


  35. Wow I love this entire post! It looks like an editorial and is styled so well!

  36. I love the whole look. 🙂
    The pop of blue is so nice on you.
    i am following you now,
    Please follow back.

  37. awesome pictures, dear! and that blouse is great! i've got a similar one from monki, which i bought in london some months ago. really love it!

    kissboombang, lilly.
    Bonnie + Kleid

  38. Great outfit, like your boots.
    Lets follow each other, hun 🙂
    I'm following you now.
    I would be very glad to have you as my new friend, too.

    Ina :*

  39. Predivna si mi u ovom izdanju! Love it! <3 Sretan Božić mila! <3

  40. Perfect outfit !! I love your skirt and your blouse is beautiful 🙂

  41. oooou jea, zi buts. Baš sam neki dan gledala stvari na tom Choies-u i mislim si moram prošnjofati dal je netko od blogerica kupovao i kako su zadovoljne, jer se meni jako sviđa ponuda, istina, malo su mi skupašni, ali bu se sklepalo nekak za sve te divne komade. našla sam jedne punk rock špic sandale i… samo na njih mislim….

    a tvoje čizmice su preljepe i jako ih lijepo nosis… 🙂

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