One year or more…

Heels: Primark
Dress: Made by me
Belt: Vinatge
Since ever I have a passion for photography and art. With my first
earnings at 16 years I bought myself a digital camera. I had a
deviantArt account (here) and I always played with photoshop. Then I started to
draw and later to sew. So I started this blog which I think is a
perfect hobby for me because  it connects my love to photography,
fashion and sewing. Ok, I know I’m just an amateur, but this is just a blog.
For my outfits I always prefer to find a good place and then to
take the photos. Here in Vienna it’s not hard because it’s a beautiful
city with lots of vintage buildings and streets. And with better weather
I hope there will be more posts of that sort.
It’s maybe more than a year since i started to blog,
but I like it and I hope you like too. And I want to say thank you to
all my lovely commentators and watchers!
Have Great Sunday! Till next time!


  1. Bas htedoh da opet pohvalim izbor lokacije 🙂 divna si, haljina je prelepa!

  2. Prelepe fotke i divna kombinacija. 🙂

  3. Volim tvoje fotke jer si uvijek predivna, a posebno zbog izbora lokacije, nekako se preko tvojih fotki baš upoznajem sa gradom, i drago mi je što uvijek biraš ove stare ulice :*

  4. haljina je savršena( sviđa mi se i uzorak i dužina) kao i cijela kombinacija! Fotografije su ti uvijek lijepe. Ovako se i mi upoznajemo sa Bečom.
    Ja volim ići na izlete u prirodu, pa često tako i nastanu moje fotografije:)

  5. Haljina je predivna, odlično ti stoji!

  6. Lokacija je predivna i haljina me oduševila, sjajno ti pristaje! 🙂 <3

  7. divno, haljina je prekrasna 🙂

  8. i cannot stop looking at these photos <3 this place… your dress… you… it's just pure perfection or even more <3

  9. Well your photos are always great 🙂 I don't know if you have made any posts with your photography work but I would love to see ….
    My love for photography started the exact opposite from urs… I always loved fashion, opened my blog and then I fell in love with photography too 🙂 well, keep the good work(sorry for the long comment :P)

  10. predivna vrata 🙂 ah, taj Beč, predivna kulisa! izgledas mi jako zenstveno i chic… jako jako lajkam 🙂

  11. I enjoy your photographs and fashion. Very nice flora dress. Keep up the good work.

  12. Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous dear! ♥ XOXO

  13. Uzivanje je gledati tvoj blog 🙂
    Haljina ti divno stoji!

  14. OMG! I am in love with that door! Great photo-shoot location !

    Nike O.

  15. Joj koja predivna kombinacija, sjajno izgledaš :))) haljina mi je savršena, svaka ti čast 🙂

  16. I love your blog. You know that! I like the photos so much. Keep making the effort because we are watching!

  17. Čestitam, and many more to come!
    Haljina je prekrasna!

  18. Beautiful dress and great shoes!


  19. Its great to revisit your blog! Loving your dress and photo shoot location.

    Best Fashionable Friends

  20. i LIKE THE FACT THAT this floral dress has a little bit of a dark side to it..typically florals are bright

  21. I really love your blog!!! has been a very big inspiration for me..infact yesterday I sewed my firs t shirt..from a pattern drawn by me!!:)

  22. Great pictures, this dress is wonderful and your hair is great too !
    Kiss from Paris
    Charlotte from Trip in my dressing

  23. Hi dear, i am so impressed that you made this beautiful dress, its so pretty, you are really talented!

  24. You look just perfect you are a beauty and the dress is so fashion and gorgeous, AMAZING!

  25. Predivna, jednostavno savršeno! :*

  26. I love your look !

    follow each other?

  27. Thanks for your comment on my Grammy post, I love hearing different opinions on the dresses.

  28. Oh, I love that floral! It is so pretty!

  29. you are stunning! i love these pictures and adoring that door. primark is the best!
    cute blog, now following

  30. such a beautiful dress you! I too love photography 🙂 this door was the perfect spot for your photos

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  31. super! haljina ti bas divno stoji!

  32. Love this dress!!!
    Amazing pics 😀

  33. Such a beautiful dress! It looks lovely on you! <3

    – Anna

  34. predobar izbor lokacije – a tek frizura! Izgledas super 🙂

  35. Wow, you made that dress?! You are really good in sewing! Love the floral pattern.
    And the background!

    Peace and love!

  36. I´m in love! 🙂
    Wow, this is a really great outfit and your dress is to die for!!! So beautiful! Great job, dear 🙂

  37. Prekrasna si! ovo izgleda savrseno!
    Hvala ti na komentaru koji i je omogucio da otkrijem tvoj divni blog. Nakon Pariza Bec je jedini grad u kojem se bas mogu zamislit! Jednostavno ga obozavam i planiram mu se vratit uskoro 🙂 mozda i kavicu popijemo :)))
    poljupci iz pariza

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