New in, sale just 3 €

 Perfect Zara sandals
 Every morning one nespresso , Outfit
Spring is outside and in my bed 
Sushi / Sashimi

New in / made by granny

Fallow me on instagram, user name : mateatpol
Have great week! Till next time!


  1. omg lovelovelove your zara shopping! *___* amazing! <3

  2. Very nice photos Matea. The sushi looks good.

  3. Super fotke, jakna je odlična 🙂

  4. ja mislim da si ti majstorica rasprodaja :))) uvijek uloviš tako super komade!

  5. I adore that necklace!!so pretty
    kisses from milano

  6. I ja sam gledala ove Zara sandale. Mislim da cu ih uzet.

  7. pozuri jer se brzo rasprodaju! 🙂

  8. Those sandals are perfect! I've been searching for some for so long, so if you find be sure to post the link 🙂 Great photos

  9. Beautiful pictures 🙂
    I love your necklace 🙂

  10. Arg. I love sushi!! 和食が大好きだよ! (^_^)v <3 My mouth is watering..Haha. Yum!

    I always like to tease out the finer details of these Instagram photos that you post every so often. In my search, I found myself adoring your scarf in the third set. It is just lovely. <3

    – Anna

  11. slikice baš po mom guštu! <3 visibabe su prekrasne, obožavam te vjesnike proljeća! 🙂 bakin baloner divaaaaaan! pusee

  12. I always love to look at these Instagram overviews! I wish I had Instagram 😉
    Love your new coat!


  13. Love the necklace, and for 3euros, that's not expensive at all!

  14. Great roundup of pictures, love your beautiful coral necklace and the trench is so chic, your gran made it? Wow!

  15. Very nice instagrams pics 🙂 I'm following you now 😉

  16. Great post and lovely photos 🙂

    Johanna, Sweden

  17. vec sam je komentirala ali moram opet – zeeelim ovu kosulju <3

  18. prelijepa ogrlica:) i super slike s instagrama.

  19. I love instagram and photos <3

  20. Divan instagram post 🙂

    Navrati na moj blog..Ima sto sta zanimljivo :*

  21. pretty necklace! what a great find! that trench dress is so pretty <333


  22. Super fotke!
    Poslednja ti je predivna 😉

  23. what a bargain with this necklace! <3

    tnx so much for stoppin by at my spot, wanna follow?! let me know! =)

  24. bas volim taj instagram, iako ga nisam u zadnjih mjesec/dva bas koristila, posao me totalno osakatio. lajkam ove zarine šutize, mljac… ja jos vrebam svoje, no mozda ce krajem ovog mjeseca biti nesto po tom pitanju 🙂 fingers crossed!

  25. Lovely stuff! I'm folower 532! Waiting for you! + bloglovin

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