Little backless dress


Backless dress by me  / shop link here

As you already know I have a little store on the Internet. This page is similar to Etsy except that it is more common in Europe, especially Germany. So my dresses have been mostly shipped to Germany. If you have so questions about my products just send me e-mail. The best part of sewing is that you are satisfied with your creation and the customer as well. I’ve got this week these photos from Kathrin and I want to share it with you. Thank you to Kathrin for photos!Have a great weekend! Till next time!


  1. great pictures and idea with that scooter:)

  2. Divna je! TI si stvarno bas talentovana!

  3. this photoshoot is amazing <3 vespa is my love, especially mint one <3

  4. What a beautiful dress! Business in the front and a party in the back! :] And cute vespa! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. You did a great job on the dress! Gorgeous! <3

    – Anna

  6. haljina je san snova, a i fotografije su divne!

  7. predivno. sve skupa, jako jako <3

  8. This is the backless dress I had in mind for an upcoming event. Will surely get it and to shape the breasts nothing works better than breast stickers. No one looks that without such a dress. I think she is wearing Bye Bra breast stickers under that backless dress

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