Skirt tutorial!

First of all, I won’t write too much. But if you have some question ask me at the comments section.
 What do you need:
Fabric – You need to determine the length. If you want a mini skirt then you probably need 30-40 cm, otherwise 50 cm should be enough. In my case I bought 50 cm of fabric. But measure yourself so you will know how much you need. Because of that you need a measuring tape . Of course you need also a scissor. I always
use tracing wheel to copy pattern on the paper. And you need also zipper for the skirt.
Pattern – I’m using one from Burda Style, which you can download it here. Or you can even find a tutorial how to make your own pattern. It can be even a knee skirt, but that’s not important because you will make your length. One great tutorial how to make pattern and skirt is here
With my tracing wheel I will copy pattern on paper.
Find your size and fallow the lines
Now when you have patter on paper cut it …
Put pattern on fabric . You will have seam on the both sides.
Use chalk or pen for fabric to draw your patter on fabric. Add 2 cm seam allowance.
Cut it.
Now a fun part! SEW SEW!!!  First sew darts and then both sides of skirt.
Leave some place for zipper…. and install zipper ( cool tutorial here )
Try it and adjust skirt.
 Make one
line from rest of fabric or you can use other fabric to. It is line for waist..
Sew on right side.. after that turn it in. Hem skirt.
 And that’s it…..  Now you have your own unique skirt!
Look with that skirt was in this post!
Have a great week!


  1. Savrseno, sva steta sto su u mene dvije lijeve ruke 😀
    Prva slika je AMAZING!

  2. super suknja i super tutorial

  3. odlično! idem odmah skinut kroj!

  4. Great Tutorial! The skirt look lovely. 🙂

  5. Super ti je ovaj tutorijal. Ne sjecam se kad sam zadnji put nesto sasila, ne mogu da nadjem vremena, a znam da sam uzivala u tome 😉 Najljepse je kada to obuces pa te neko pita – a gdje si to kupila? 🙂

  6. wow, I love this tutorial! you made a great skirt <3

    sweet and sugars,

  7. I love you skirt. The fabric you used is so pretty. But I´m impressed with how you trace the patterns. I should give it a go!

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