Denim overall

Heels: Booho; Shirt: Zara; Overal: No name

      Simple outfit from few weeks ago. Denim overalls are always good idea especially with some high heels.

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                                                         Have a great week! Till next time!

P.S.: I Just want to use this opportunity to apel on help for Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. There are terrible floods and many people lost everything. There are many ways to help and I know that every person who wants to help will found a way to do so.


  1. this piece is really beautiful. ,great combo girl!


  2. Ajme ove štikle <3 <3 savršene!

  3. Wow love your outfit!! Especially the heels<333

    ps; I'm following you on twitter and instagram, I'm new there, hope you follow me back on both 😀

    my insta- @poeticfix612
    twitter- @dipikasyngai


  4. Pretty Woman ……:)

  5. Fantastic overalls! I should try to get some that are more form fitting. The ones I have a bit baggy, so it's hard for me to make them look as sophisticated. 😛

    – Anna

  6. wow, inace nisam ljubitelj tregerica al ove mi fakat fenomenalno izgledaju. al opet, ti nikad ne fulas pa to nije nista cudno 🙂

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