Trio bag

Bag: Forever 21 /here& here; Jeans: Zara; Shoes: Aldo
Let’s talk about this
trio bag. This bag is really ´´It-Bag´´
.As you have already
noticed this bag is really ´´It-Bag´´. You can choose  which label
you want to have it … Most famous version is from Céline. I don´t
get this thing with desinger bags.  If someone has it than others have it
I understand that you can find cheap versions
like mine. Bur why to buy
expensive copies?  In this case I’m thinking of Micheal Kors and
others that have also …
What dou you think?
Back to my bag,I
didn’t plan to buy it but when I saw it I totally liked it, especially with the
red color. There are also available in black and beige.
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                                                         Have a great week! Till next time!


  1. Super mi je outfit, bas mi se svidja kombinacija plavo-crvena 🙂

  2. Super proljetni outfit! 🙂

  3. Odlicna kombinacija! 🙂

  4. The shirt is amazing, really like it. And the bag is nice, i think i saw it recently.. ;D Good if you are losing small things in the bags as I do.

  5. divno 🙂
    torbica je bas lijepa 🙂

  6. Simple but always really elegant and beautiful 🙂

  7. Well if you can get a Celine-inspired bag for a fraction of the price – why not? It looks absolutely gorgeous and you styled it perfectly! That tunic shirt is so pretty!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. Jednostavno i lijepo. Torba je prekrasna!

  9. Jednostavno ali lijepo,cipele su me oduševile (boja) i kako se samo uklapaju u tu kombinaciju 🙂 sve si to lijepo naravno kao i uvijek uskladila 🙂

  10. <3 ma sto reci, sve znas draga… :* cipele. trapke. ma famozno.

  11. za mene je to retoričko pitanje ali i da imam vjerovatno ne bi platila neku ludu sumu za torbu…super je kombinacija:)

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