10 things about me

  1. I was a
    big fan of Star Trek and because of that my nickname MateaTPol contains one
    star trek character called T´Pol.
  2. My
    favorite food is potatoe, I can eat them every day throughout the day .. hihih
  3. This is
    not my first time that I write a blog. At high school my friend and I had a
    blog where we put our design creations and I had blog about my favorite music
  4. Photography
    is my second hobby.
  5. If you
    have ever wondered I‘m 25 years old.
  6. My
    first sewing machine I‘ve got from my granny when I was 6 and I‘ve always sewed
    for my barbie dolls.
  7. I can‘t
    live without espresso.
  8. And yes
    im happily married.
  9. I love
    climbing the mountains.
  10. I still don´t have TV at home 

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                    Have a great week! Till next time! 


  1. nice can know more about you kisses

    see my new look


  2. so ein süßer eitnrag
    und gratuliere zur Hochzeit, mit 25 verheiratet zu sein (glücklich 😉 ) ist auch mein traum
    Respekt, sehr inspirierend!

    Deine Amely Rose von:

  3. kako si slatka curica bila:)! Ni ja ne mogu bez espressa….i ja sam prije imala blog…o gramatici više ni manje:)

  4. 7,9,10 are my favs <3 you seem to be such lovely & crazy person :DD

  5. Kako si samo slatka 🙂 Lijepo je saznati nešto novo! 🙂

  6. Its nice to know little things about you, thank you for sharing <3

    Visit my blog: http://www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  7. I didn't know you were/are a Trekkie :DDD Awesome! It was nice to learn a little bit more about you! Thank you sharing this with us! <3

    – Anna


  8. Tpol te odmah odalo, i dalo dodatne plus bodove 🙂 nisam znala da imas tako malo godina 🙂 /malo u odnosu na mene/ i iznenadjena sam televizorom. najs. malo ljudi to danas… prakticira. kako to? wow. sve si mi draza i draza 🙂 (iako ja imam televizor :P)

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