The Blues Are Brewin’ ( old photos )

 Cardigan: H&M
Dress: made by my granny
Shoes: Zara
Yes, that’s me  with my favorite hair cut. This was taken in April 2010.
In My opinion this is the best hair cut for me. But I’ll let my hair
grow for now and maybe cut it in the near future. What do you think
what suits me better? Longer hair or this? 
Till next time ! <3


  1. I look all time on your shoes, so amazing:)

  2. Very vintagy, I love 🙂

  3. Love the print of the dress 🙂

  4. Lovely mix and location 😀

    With love,Mia

  5. Ta granny est toujours aussi douée! J'adore cette robe, et ce look vintage te va très bien!

  6. Nice haircut! Great pictures. Xx

  7. you look beautiful with this cut… but i prefer your hair long and red like in your hippie post. 🙂

  8. So vintage!!!^^
    i love it 😉


  9. Hej, šišala si se? ;:) I farbala ponovo, boja ti je poootpuno drugačija u odnosu na prethodni post, tamo je skoro riđa 😀

  10. ma nisam , to su stare slike 😀

  11. dzemperic je presladak! Jel ti kosa ovako prirodno kovrdzava ? :)xx

  12. Kako ti je lijep blog!
    Ne znam, kosa ti izgleda jako lijepo na oba načina. Takvu sam ja kosu imala prije bojanja.
    Hajina je krasna.

  13. You look very elegant.

    Welcome to visit my blog and if you like it we can follow each other. Let me know so I can follow you back. xx

  14. I ja sam odma pomislila da si se osisala 🙂 Obadvije frizure ti preslatko stoje! Mozda sam malo veci fan duze kose.. jos pogotovo sa trakicom u kosi kao u proslom postu 🙂

  15. I really love your shoes!

  16. you really looks so lovely.. 🙂

  17. I love how your put cardigan and the dress together!


    xoxo <3 Una

  18. Zaista ti lepo stoji ova duzina kosa, ali ja volim kako izgledas i danas!:) Super slikice i look!!

  19. Great pictures!! I love it!!!

  20. Just found your blog.
    really love it,
    following you now,
    mind to follow back my blog?thanks <3

  21. great photos!

    thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment! 🙂

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  22. Your hair looks chic in this,
    but i prefer your hair long and loose!

    You look beautiful:)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  23. Great haircut! You look so sophisticated!

  24. love your blog,fol you now xx do check out mine if you've time,kisses

  25. I love your hair style, can I copy it? xx

  26. I love both ! Long hair is more like everyone else and short hair on you is very feminine and sexy 😉 with retro side. I have the same dilema, I prefer myself with short hair (but in very structural haircut because of my very straight hair) but sometimes I want to have long long hair, very girly and with possibilities to make braids or other hairstyles. I think to have long hair is easier to wear when we are young so I'm waiting a little more before cut them ! LOL you know everything now 😉

  27. You look absolutely gorgeous with this hairstyle!!

  28. I totally understand, I have the same problem!

  29. Another beautiful dress! And thank you so much for following! I am following you back with pleasure!


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