Make up routine and new sewing project

      At wedding party , Outfit
       Painting a wall

              Paris and my favorite designer
            Food in Paris
          Sweets in Paris 

           Weather in Paris 😀 
May was great month for me, and I enjoyed in my trip to Paris. For my daily updates fallow me on INSTAGRAM
Have a great day ! Till next time!


  1. Prekrasno <3 Ova beige torba je savršenstvo!:)

  2. Ah, Pariz <3 Divne fotkice 🙂

  3. Nice instagrams 🙂 Whats your instagram name? Mine is rosalarissaklara if you wanna find me 🙂


  4. Super post!
    Poslednje dve fotke fenomenalne 😉

  5. Lovely photos, as always! <3 I can't wait to see the finished product of your sewing project. I love those prints together!!

    – Anna

  6. Great pictures my dear, really enjoyed them! <333 Followed you on instagram! Have a wonderful week! <333

  7. great photos, i'm so jealous of your trip to paris!

    little henry lee

  8. Great blog and i love your outfits 😉 I think you have a new follower…


  9. jedva cekam da nam pokazes taj novi sivajuci projekat. tkanina mi se jako svidja 🙂

  10. i loved all of these pictures! especially the food hehe.


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