Summer in the city

Doungarees: Pull&Bear
Shirt: Mango
Bag: Diy
Bandana: Primak
I’m finally starting to love my hair, and
with this darker version I like it even more. So what to say, Summer is
in the city, pools are waiting and I hope that this lovely wetter will
be here longer. I wanted this pants pair with some heels but
those espadrilles look so comfy and perfect for this lazy outfit.
Have great weekend and don´t forget on giveaway!p.s. I had some problems with my account, but im back 😀



  1. Perfect! Super su ti tregerice i jos u kombinaciji sa bandanom wau 🙂

  2. in love with your dungaree
    xo sabbi

  3. I ja bi takve tregerice i espadrile i to bas crvrne

  4. You look fantastic dear! Love your cute shoes! 😉
    Thank you for your comment! I am following you on Bloglovin, hope you follow back! *

  5. We love navy colours and spadrilles!

  6. Volim tvoje odjevne kombinacije:)))

  7. red white and blue it always the best colour combination! and i think your hair looks great that colour. 🙂

    little henry lee

  8. Predobra kombinacija i espadrile su mi pun pogodak….meni je tvoja kosa uvijek krasna 🙂

  9. Great Outfit!!
    The espadrilles are so cute and I really love the tee <3

  10. sehr cooles Outfit- egfällt mir wirklich sehr <3

  11. Really cool combination, I love the colours!

  12. This outfit is so cool!! I also love your hair 😉

  13. i ja si trazim savrsene espadrile (tko bi rekao da ce opet biti u modi) ali jos na njih nijesam naisla 🙁 tvoje su super kjut <3

  14. Great style ! Perfect for summer 🙂
    I love your top and your bag 🙂

  15. Obozavam te vidjeti u ovim izdanjima! 🙂

  16. really lovely look! 🙂

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