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For a long time I wanted to make a post about my little Dewanda shop.Sewing is my hobby and it makes me happy to make backless dresses and cute cotton blouses.I’ve started the shop just for fun and people liked my backless dresses so I’ve continued to make them.Now I have them available in different colors.I’m so obsessed with open backs so the pattern stayed the same and different materials are used for the dresses.The whole concept of Dewanda shops pleases me. It’s not just about selling but also about the whole process.From contacting the buyer to sending the finished project in a lovely box. And also it make me happy when I see that my customers are happy with dress. ( like here ). If you have some questions feel free to send me e-mail.
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                                                   Have a great week! Till next time!


  1. Zbilja sjajno! Divan hobi i stvarno divno šiješ!

  2. Ovo je sjajno! Samo tako nastavi 🙂

  3. Jooj kako je krasna košuljica, želim ti mnogo sreće sa dućančićem :))

  4. Pa ti si ženo luda! Svaka ti čast! 😀 <3

  5. i ja mislim da je to divno:) fala bogu na internetu, stvarno se vidi prekrasnih radova:), a još kad znaš da netko nosi tvoj rad…

  6. Ona cipkasta je divnaaaaa 🙂 Sretno 😉

  7. I don`t believe! You are an artist Matea.

  8. Ma savršeno!!!! :*

  9. Umjetnica….:)

  10. these photos are so magic and mistery <3 i love it!

  11. predivna je ova cipkasta …ajme… bez rijeci sam. totalno zaljubljena.

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